3 Secrets about Community in the Church

3 Secrets about Community in the Church

Most professing Christians in the U. S. don’t attend church—the hub for the community of faith described in the Bible.[1] They find her irrelevant or without anything unique to offer.[2] Some people leave because of bad experiences. Reflecting on this, a friend noted...

The Best Evidence of Saving Faith

How can we know that our salvation is sure? We need to be sure of our standing before God, because Jesus says that some who think they’re Christians will spend eternity in hell.[1] So what distinguishes people who are Christians from those who just think they are? For...

Seeking Jesus through the Word

“The way we treat the Bible is the way we treat Jesus, for He is the living Word and the theme of the written Word.”[1] Christ’s followers need no further motivation to become devoted to time in our Bibles. Jesus said that we need the Word to live.[2] Of course,...

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