3 Kinds of Lies You Can’t Survive

3 Kinds of Lies You Can’t Survive

Have you seen the great new app that alerts you when someone’s lying to you? Just kidding, of course. We might think we’d like to have such an app, but we surely wouldn’t like having it used to expose our own untruthfulness. Deception’s got a bad reputation. From a...

Seeking Jesus through Prayer

Early in my life, my grandmother gave me the bookmark that appears in this photo. The poem[1]  talks about meeting God in the morning so as to have him through the day, reflecting the author’s delight in the presence and sufficiency of his God. With such a great...

Seeking Jesus through the Word

“The way we treat the Bible is the way we treat Jesus, for He is the living Word and the theme of the written Word.”[1] Christ’s followers need no further motivation to become devoted to time in our Bibles. Jesus said that we need the Word to live.[2] Of course,...

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